Write With Me!

The Results Are In! (only not really)

Okay! The moment you’ve all been waiting for!


It’s a tie.

*squints at poll*

Well… a good rule of life is always be willing to roll with it when something unexpected happens. We’ll just alter the timetable a little bit.

The poll will be open through next Friday, and we’ll see what happens then. If it’s another tie, concept will be decided by coin toss or… something. Snail racing, maybe, or some kind of tarot reading. (We can have another poll to determine how we’ll decide the previous poll—POLLCEPTION.)

In the meantime, since we don’t have a concept yet, I’ll just do Step Zero and Step One together for next Friday’s Writing Wrap Up. In the meantime, I’ve got a post ready, Plot = Change, that will be a good introduction before we get to Step One on Monday.

Until next time!


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