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Weekly Writing Wrap Up – Step Two: Character(s)

WWM17Okay, my lovelies, we’re at the end of week three. Have you been working on your cast of characters?

To keep things brief, I’ll share the full character description for my main character for Nanoia, Tori Steele, aka “The Girl Who is Allergic to Computers”, and brief descriptions for a few main supporting characters.

Name: Tori Steele

Role: main character

Goal: Her goal in the beginning is to be a good daughter and make her father proud, but after the Nanoia get involved, she’s determined to save her father.

Age: mid-teens

Appearance: unruly black hair, tan skin, hazel-gray eyes; short, small-frame

Most Noticeable: tiny and twitchy

Quirk: computer “allergy” — electronics that include processors/microchips tend to fritz out when she’s nearby

Personality: intelligent, loyal / timid

Heart’s Desire: family, somewhere to belong

Deepest Fear: rejection, being left alone

Likes: cats, books, fruit

Dislikes: small/dark places, “creep crawlies” (spiders, snakes… lizards *snicker*), computers

Happiest Memory: She remembers being so sick as a child that she was unable to walk. The day that she became well enough to get out of bed, she never remembered seeing her father smile that brightly before or ever since. She wants to make him smile like that again.

Darkest Memory: When she was very young, she was trapped somewhere small and dark, she doesn’t remember where. She still has nightmares about that.

I don’t have many supporting characters yet (you learn more about your cast as you start exploring your plot-lines—that’s coming up soon).

There’s Tori’s father.

Name: Dr. Michael Steele

Role: Tori’s father, research scientist

Goal: [redacted for plot reasons]

Age: late forties

Appearance: tan skin, short black hair, short neat beard going gray, average heigh and build, hazel-brown eyes, worry lines around eyes and mouth

Most Noticeable: very direct, piercing gaze, “like he’s dissecting you”

Quirk: talks to himself

Personality: determined, intelligent / ruthless

There’s the “mean girl” at Tori’s school, Erica Reyes.

Name: Erica Ward

Role: Semi-antagonist

Age: Mid-teens

Appearance: blond hair, “peaches and cream” coloring, average height

Most Noticeable: “unnaturally” green eyes (people wonder if she wears contacts)

Quirk: sometimes talks on her phone in a foreign language Tori doesn’t recognize

Personality: outgoing, charming / vain, mean

And last but not least, the ones that I have a feeling will wind up stealing the show, there’s the three Giant Alien Lizard Warriors.

Names: Melar, Tabak, Robrik

Goal: Stop the Nanoia

Age: late-teens to young adult (by giant alien lizard standards)


  • Melar: smallest, black, lean – leader, best technical fighter – observant, responsible / solemn
  • Tabak: youngest, slightly larger, gold-brown – tech expert, flashy fighter – friendly, adventurous / rash
  • Robrik: largest, mottled white-gray, gentle giant – healer, tank – calm, sensible / stubborn

Keep up with your character list however works best for you. For now, I’ll leave these in a rough outline form and maybe update it to a spreadsheet if my cast grows beyond what I can easily track.

I’ll see you on Monday for Step Three: The Hero’s Journey — We’ll be diving into how to structure your different plotlines and weave them together, which I will probably break into two parts since it’s a little more complicated than what we’ve covered thus far.

This is where the fun begins. I’m so excited.

Until next time!


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