Weekly Writing Wrap Up!

Step Three: Climax

Without giving too much away, the climax involves Tori and the three Wyswrii (the giant-alien-lizard-warrior race now has a name–much easier to type!) infiltrating the Nanoia Central Core… basically a massive computer brain-slash-infestation with the creepiness factor dialed up (details still in the works).

Tori, against all orders, suggestions, and pleas to the contrary, does something stupidly dangerous and self-sacrificing to try and take down the Core before it spreads to the universe at large.

(Again, not sure how much detail to put into these parts… Do you guys want spoilers or suspense?)

Step Four: Hero’s Journey

The happy plotting fun-times has begun! There are still muzzy parts to be worked out, and some of the notes might not make much sense without more context (sorry!), but bear with me, please.

This will also be a little strange to read because the timelines overlap, but not in a really easy-to-explain way, and some steps may occur in a slightly different order than shown below.

All the plot points will be laid out in proper timeline order a couple steps from now. In the meantime, it’s probably easiest to read each column top-to-bottom on its own.

Table O’ Plots – Nanoia Version

 Ordinary World Tori sees the Nanoia container in her father’s lab. Tori lives a lonely life. / Wyswrii are trying to hide on earth while investigating the Nanoia. Tori lives mostly alone, goes to school, never makes waves.
 Call to Adventure Nanoia escaped from lab, infecting humans. Tori is home alone when the power goes out and an ‘invisible monster’ breaks into her house. In the lab, Tori feels conflicted when her father captures the ‘monster’ aka Giant Alien Lizard and hurts it.
 Refusal of the Call Tori and the Wyswrii flee to seek help. Tori runs away from the monster, gets a ride to her dad’s lab to try and get help. Tori obeys her father and leaves the lab where the alien is being held.
 Meeting the Mentor*
  • Wyswrii
  • Intergalactic Council Whose-Name-Is-Yet-To-Be-Determined
Master Lra-Hna (alien ancient-guru-type character) tells Tori about Wyswrii culture.
  • Wyswrii
  • Lra-Hna
 Crossing the Threshold Tori’s father is taken by the Nanoia. Tori helps the captured alien to escape the lab.
 Tests, Allies, Enemies Tori travels with the Wyswrii to speak with the Intergalactic Council Whose-Name-Is-Yet-To-Be-Determined. Tori learns about the Wyswrii, sees how they argue yet respect each other (new concept for her).
 Approach Tori insists on returning to earth with the Wyswrii to help fight the Nanoia.
 Ordeal Tori attempts to forge a mental link with the Nanoia to find it’s central core–almost loses herself in the hive mind. Tori and the Wyswrii take down a decoy Core. Tori’s mental link with the Nanoia.
 Reward Tori knows how to find the Core. Tori and the Wyswrii rescue the Nanoia’s hostage and learn the Nanoia’s endgame plan (to infect the intergalactic travel system to spread everywhere). Tori knows how to find the core.
 The Road Back Tori and the Wyswrii travel to the Core.
 Resurrection Hero Tori sacrifices herself to the Core to stop the Nanoia. Wyswrii hold off Nanoia drones while Tori makes her way to the Core. Tori disobeys the Wyswrii and does something stupid and self-sacrificing to stop the Nanoia.
 Return with the Elixir Nanoia defeated. Tori is officially adopted into the Wyswrii group. Tori lives with new confidence in herself.

That’s it! The bare-bones beginning of Nanoia’s plot. Are you excited? I’m so excited.

Thoughts, comments, questions?


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