Who are you?

Call me Kat, Kathy, Katherine, or just Hey, You!

Words fascinate me, their shapes and flavors and textures, the many tiny nuances of meaning. I love writing, searching for the perfect word like finding the right piece to fill a hole in a jigsaw puzzle. I harbor a deep love of the art of storytelling: what works, what fails, what fascinates, and I can spend many long hours picking apart the plots of different stories to figure out how they all fit together.

I’m from the South, born and bred, which means I was raised running barefoot around the yard with my brother and our chocolate lab babysitter, and it was awesome. I have degrees in photography and in web design, the former of which I use for personal pleasure and the latter I put toward building and maintaining this site. I started as a bookworm, evolved into an anime fan, and have since slid wholeheartedly into geekery of many shapes and sizes, but in my heart of hearts, I am and always will be a word nerd.