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Weekly Writing Wrap Up!


The people have spoken, and the people want giant alien lizards.

Excellent choice.

Thank you for voting! Now, onward to our Weekly Writing Wrap Up: Step Zero and Step One.

Step Zero: Concept

Since you already know the barebones concept already, here’s some extra details.

A. Nanite infestation that is slowly taking over the world, infecting humans and using them as puppets. Prolonged infection leads to mental/physical degradation and/or coma (still debating). Maybe coma is temporary after initial infection while nanites reproduce.

B. Giant alien lizard warriors. That is all. (Not really. They’re bounty hunters and/or soldiers of some sort, three brothers though not necessarily by blood. They can camouflage a la chameleons and can be practically invisible unless they move.)

C. Main character: Tori, teenage girl with a “computer allergy” (rather, electronics are allergic to her; anything with a microprocessor tends to fritz when she comes near). Father is a scientist, mother missing. She’s usually alone, since her father is a workaholic. Has a pet black cat, possibly with kittens.

Those are the seeds. Now we’ll just have to see what sprouts!

Step One: Plot

Nanoia: threat --> neutralized

The Nanoia are either already spreading or will shortly begin spreading at the beginning of the story. Humanity will be, for the most part, ignorant of the threat, thinking that maybe it’s some kind of newly mutated disease.

Tori + lizards: strangers --> family

The lizards track Tori because of Plot Related Reasons* and eventually rescue-nap her (like kidnapping, but from a life-threatening situation). Things start out scary, get awkward, get even more awkward, and slowly morph into interspecies fluffy friendship fun-times.

Tori: obedient --> assertive

Tori has been raised to stay out of the way, take care of herself, and intrude on her dad as little as possible. That’s going to have to change. *grin*

Thanks for reading! We’ll reconvene on Monday for Step Two: Character. Until then!


*I’m debating how much detail to put in these posts. I already know some plot twists/reveals that will shape the story, and I want everyone to be able to follow my process, but I also don’t want to ruin the suspense. Feel free to chime in with suggestions.

Write With Me!

The Results Are In! (only not really)

Okay! The moment you’ve all been waiting for!


It’s a tie.

*squints at poll*

Well… a good rule of life is always be willing to roll with it when something unexpected happens. We’ll just alter the timetable a little bit.

The poll will be open through next Friday, and we’ll see what happens then. If it’s another tie, concept will be decided by coin toss or… something. Snail racing, maybe, or some kind of tarot reading. (We can have another poll to determine how we’ll decide the previous poll—POLLCEPTION.)

In the meantime, since we don’t have a concept yet, I’ll just do Step Zero and Step One together for next Friday’s Writing Wrap Up. In the meantime, I’ve got a post ready, Plot = Change, that will be a good introduction before we get to Step One on Monday.

Until next time!